What to Do When There is Asbestos in Your Home

Find and Determine Asbestos in Your Residential Property 

If your residential property was renovated or built before the year 1990’s, chances are high that your house has asbestos in it. If that is the case, you may need to call a professional and highly reliable residential asbestos removal service provider. However, it is always better to leave asbestos alone if it does not pose a probable health risk to you and your family.  

For instance, if you know that the walls of your home contain asbestos, it’s sometimes good to leave them undisturbed if there is no visible damages or cracks. In order to assess the situation, you can contact a professional for assistance and also, they are all willing to help you answer all your doubts and questions in mind. Thus, hiring a professional and highly reputable asbestos removal service provider will always be your best option. As a matter of fact, these professionals recommend hiring them since they have the right skills, experience and knowledge in the field. This is very urgent if you notice any damages or cracks in your house and suspect that your home was renovated or built before 1990. 

Do Not Disturb or Touch Asbestos 

Asbestos poses a very serious health risk when disturbed because of its physical structure. It is composed of very small fibers which if touched, hover into the air and maybe inhaled. This will give anyone who inhales asbestos a very serious health problem because asbestos fibers stay in the respiratory track. In addition to that, this can also lead to severe health conditions such as aggressive lung cancer (mesothelioma). So, it is often best not to disturb or touch asbestos if recognized and contact a professional home asbestos removal service provider as soon as possible. 

Inform the Local Government, Neighbors and Land Lord 

You must often ask to check on documents pertaining to the presence of asbestos in your new residential property prior to signing in a contract as well as moving in. Since 2017, estate agents and landlords are legally needed to share asbestos details with possible tenants. If you are already staying in a rented residential property, you must always let your estate agency and/or landlord managing the place. If you notice asbestos in your house, it is best to call the professionals in writing and also, have copies of the communication you had. This is to ensure that your estate agency and/or landlord are the people who pay for the professionals for a home asbestos removal if it is necessary.  

Aside from that, asbestos can pose a big threat to your health not only to your family but also to yourself as well. Sometimes, your neighbors will be alarmed of your situation too as it may affect them as well. This is one of the reasons why you must always let your neighbors know about your problem. You can inform them that you booked home asbestos removal service providers to assess tumbling cryptocurrencies your situation so they don’t have to be worried anymore. 


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